Root anatomy custom essay.

Basic requirements for all Power point Presentations:
No more than 6 bullet points per slide
No more than 10 words on each bullet point
All explanation should be in the slide notes all
slide notes must be CITED.
Maximum word count for slide notes = 250 words per slide
Must have an Introduction slide and a conclusion slide
All images must have an intext citation underneath them and their full reference should go in the references slide(s)
Create an 8to
(Excluding Title and Reference slides) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation addressing the following points:
Remember: Most information should go in the slide notes, keep the bullets simple.
Provide a picture of a cross section of a leaf and label the following parts: epidermis, guard cells, stomata, spongy mesophyll, palisade parenchyma, phloem, and xylem(Include an APA formatted intext citation for image).
Describe the leaf anatomy by discussing the functions of the above structures (from question #1). Explain how that anatomy is ideally suited for photosynthesis.
Provide a picture of a cross section of a root and label the following parts: root cap, root apical meristem, zone of elongation, zone of maturation, root hairs, cortex, vascular tissue, ground tissue, endodermis, and the Casparian strip (Include an APA formatted in-text citation for image).
Describe the root anatomy (describe the functions of the structures in question #3) and how that anatomy is ideally suited for growth and absorption of water and minerals from the soil.
Copy and paste the table from Appendix A into your slideshow. Complete the table with the nutrient functions and signs of deficiency (Include APA formatted in-text citations for information in the table).
You should have a minimum of 3 information references for this assignment.
Direct Quotes are limited to 2 small quotes (less than 40 words).
Format references consistent with APA guidelines. Include all references and in-text citations all should be formatted in APA style.
Include an intextcitation for each paragraph and image, and include a references slide

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