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Research Methods of Nursing

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NUR 2300: Evidence-based practice
Assessment, Paper 2 – Research Critique

In Paper 1 you developed a PICO question, reviewed a number of scholarly articles on the topic you chose, and created a summary table. In this paper, you are to choose one of the articles chosen for a more in-depth critique; discuss the degree to which you are convinced of the rigour of the research; and, how/whether the recommendations could be disseminated for practice.
• Each student is to critique a nursing research article chosen for the summary table in Paper 1 that clearly uses either quantitative methods or clearly uses qualitative methods. Do not select a mixed methods or review/scoping paper. Do not select a paper that is not nursing research. Only select one paper.

• To conduct a critique and prepare for writing the paper:
• Required textbook: Holland & Rees (2010) review Chapter 7.
• Module 4: Review Part 9 Step 2 and Step 4
• For a quantitative methods paper follow Module 4, Part 9, Step 2 and Table 7.2. For a qualitative methods paper follow Module 4, Part 9, Step 2 and Table 7.3. Requirements are clearly laid out in the rubrics for the assignment. It is always a good strategy to use the outline of the rubric as an outline for your paper and to keep comparing your paper to the rubric as you are writing each section.
• Using your answers to the relevant criteria/critique questions, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the research report in your conclusion.

• This paper is a scholarly essay.
• Scholarly essays have an introduction and conclusion:
The introduction describes the thesis or goal of the paper, identifies the article that was critique and criteria used to conduct the critique, and tells the reader what to expect in the content of the paper.
• The body of the paper is a statement addresses the point in Module 4, Part 9, Step 2; and Step 4 in an essay format. Do not simply answer the questions. The questions serve as a guide to the content of the paper. Not all points will apply to each paper critique.
• Summarize the key strengths and limitations of the paper and make an overall evaluation of the value of the paper and the degree to which you would be confident in using the recommendations for practice.
• The conclusion summarizes the key points in the paper and balances the introduction.
• submit an electronic copy pdf file of the article with your paper (appendix).

In this scholarly academic paper, students are required to follow APA format (6th Edition) for writing (the way in which the paper is written, including clarity, organization, grammatical structure, spelling) and style (format) including:
a) a cover page that includes:
– the title for the assignment that reflects the topic
– student’s and student number
– course number and name
– faculty member’s name, and
– date submitted
b) Body of the paper starts on the page 2, correct format for citing articles
c) References start on separate page after body of the paper in correct APA format
d) Appendix (electronic/pdf copy of the article chosen)
e) APA formatting (minimum expected):
Times New Roman font 12 only
double spaced – no extra spaces
2.5cm (1 inch) margins (all sides) – use full page (note, you will need to change the default settings in Word which are at 1.25” for L/R margins)
page numbering upper right corner of all pages (including cover page)
Header both optional
f) As noted above, APA format also means a paper that is well written; ideas are clear, paper is well organized, no spelling errors, correct grammatical structure (APA manual has lots of helpful hints for writing well, or use OWL at Purdue ).
word length 2000 words (plus or minus 10%).
(Due 1st of June)

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