Research Analysis Academic Essay

1) A researcher is interested in examining whether adding an extra hour of physical activity every day to the curriculum of primary school students in NSW will have an impact on their mathematics scores. The researcher hypothesizes that extra physical activity will improve their math skills. What type of design would fit best with this study and what do you have to do to make this design as strong as possible? How can you make sure that you are measuring the impact of the extra physical education and not something else?

2) You are interested in investigating bullying among 16-year-olds in secondary schools. You want to know who gets bullied and who does the bullying, as well as why students bully or get bullied. Answer the following questions: 1) Which ethical considerations do you have to adhere to and why? 2) Whose consent will you need to get?

3) A researcher wants to know if people remember facts better after reading from a computer screen compared to reading from a written textbook. He asks 20 students enrolled in a course on media and technology to fill out a survey. The students have to read a text from the screen and then answer some brief factual questions on the text. Then the researcher asks them to read the same text one day later but then on paper and they have to complete the same questionnaire as for the text on the screen. The researcher finds that students remember facts better when they read from the screen compared to reading from a written text. He concludes that reading from the screen helps people remember more than reading from the written text. He recommends students should read more from the screen compared to written text.
Mention three aspects of this study that are problematic, also explain why they are problematic.

4) A qualitative researcher wants to examine how students at a comprehensive boys school who are identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) socially interact with others. The researcher intends to use an ethnographic design and collect the following data: interview students and teachers, one-on-one, as well as in focus groups, interview parents, have ASD students keep a daily writing journal for several months, analyse policy documents, administer a survey, take photographs of social interactions.
Given the research question and design, are each of the data sources necessary and appropriate? If so, describe the unique contributions and utility of each, making reference to the research aims. If not, indicate which you would keep, the unique contributions and utility of each kept and why the rejected data sources were discarded.

5) A researcher wants to design a study to find out if students who are enrolled at a part time basis in a master degree are more likely to drop out of the degree than students who are enrolled on a full time basis. If the researcher would use a mixed methods approach, what data could he collect and how would he collect it? If he would use a qualitative design, which design would fit with his research question and why?

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