Red dawn movie custom essay.

Film Terms
a focus on a specific object or face
Montage: a series of swift shots that shortens the story or depicts particular relationships
Stills: photographlike
scenes in which there is no movement
Dissolve: a gradual merging of one scene into the next scene
Flashback: it returns the story to some prior event
Flash forward: it shows the story at some future period
Long shot: the camera includes both the subject and its surroundings
Panning: the camera moves gradually from one side to the other
Reaction shot: the camera catches the emotional reaction of a character, usually in a closeup
Slow motion
Soft focus: the camera blurs the edges of objects and faces
Tilting: the camera moves from up to down or down to up
Film Review: 25 points
Length: 16001800
Mechanics: doublespaced,
MLA documentation and formatting, page numbering, indented paragraphs, 12point
Times New
Roman font, standard margins, title
Learning Objectives: 1) To learn how to evaluate all aspects of a film
2) To learn how to organize an essay based on topics in decreasing order of importance
3) To learn how to find and incorporate source

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