Real world question connect with the book:Oedipus rex(by sophocles) custom essay.

1, you have read the book: Oedipus Rex by Sophocles before and know all the characters so well.
2. write about the real world question basic on the character’s personality.
For example:
Oedipus is kind of people who is lack of care and under some issue, such as homeless or mental people. Because from the
book (find out the clue that support Oedipus is kind of man who dosent know that he murder others), he dosnt know that he
murder people and what he have done, and besides is the same situation as the people in the real world those homeless
and mental problem, they are also a kind of do not know what they have done and which is serious stuff.
3. After connect them together, then start to focus on the real world issue, and talk about the personal feeling, such as i also
feel bad about it, and i wish i could help out. We can not do anything in the past, but we can do sth now, such as give them
what they need, and not only this but care about them and cure them. Giving them a tool to learnt by themselves is better
than just give what they need.

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