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Best & Less Pty Ltd provides the added service of fitting rooms in each of their stores around Australia, however this has increased the level of theft that occurs from the store. As a standard procedure, the fitting rooms are to be opened at the beginning of the day, checked by an employee 2-3 times during opening hours – to collect excess stock left behind by customers and check for tags and coat hangers which are an indicator of possible theft – and then closed at the end of the day. This allows for times at which the fitting rooms are left unattended, increasing the risk of theft through this outlet.

In contrast to this, one particular store has developed a different procedure for fitting room use. This particular store keeps them locked, and has, instead, installed a door bell at the entrance of the fitting rooms for the customers to let the employees know that they wish to use the facility. Each employee has been issued with their own key and are to go and open the fitting rooms when the doorbell goes off. An employee will open the door for the customer and wait around the area – cleaning or putting stock out – until they have finished before checking the fitting rooms, locking the door again and returning to regular duties. The purpose of implementing this procedure is to reduce the likelihood of theft occurring from the fitting rooms, and at the same time retain the employees’ level of efficiency. Through the implementation of this procedure, the ability for employees and the management to be able to catch the thieves before they leave the store has greatly increased, and has therefore led to a reduction in the amount of theft occurring from the fitting rooms.

If other Best & Less stores were to implement this procedure for the fitting rooms, the overall theft levels across the organisation will be greatly reduced. Similarly, if other organisations within the industry implement a similar procedure, it may have the same effect.

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