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Prison Conditions in Norway

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Dear Writer, as I stated before, this paper is going to be the final research paper of library report written by you about the Prison Systems in Norway. Please see the
instructions given by the professor:

The paper should best be on a particular aspect of criminal justice/the criminal justice system in a particular country (Prison System in Norway) against the
background of the broad patterns of variation between criminal justice systems.

While it is important to focus on the specifics of the case under investigation, these should be put into a comparative perspective. You need to demonstrate an
understanding of the basic elements of the criminal justice system and the process of criminal justice in general, and of the principal differences between criminal
justice systems. This means you are supposed to take an in-depth look at one country. Do not compare two countries. The paper should also demonstrate your ability to
locate the relevant academic literature and data. If no literature exists specifically on the topic of your paper, draw on the literature on a more general level. For
example, when writing about the role of the prosecutor in Togo and no literature on this subject exists, draw on literature that deals with the prosecutor in a similar
country (sub-Saharan francophone Africa) or more generally with criminal justice in Togo for insights and useful conceptual frameworks.

In general, the paper should show the following: – sound research strategy – rich, diverse data set – integration of diverse data and viewpoints into a systematic,
well-structured presentation – clear and concise line of argument – original, critical analysis/discussion

The paper should be written for an audience that is interested in, but does not know much about the topic. This means that key concepts need to be explained and key
terms need to be defined, and you need to introduce your readers to the topic before you can go into detail.

Use APA style for citation. Cite all of your sources. No statement without supporting evidence (= reference to valid sources, e.g. academic literature, official
websites, media reports, NGO reports).

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