Police discretion custom essay.

Please submit written paper that will discuss the above listed topic. Paper MUST contain a minimum of FOUR FULL PAGES of Written text. This total does not include cover page nor reference page.
Your paper will first define police discretion. Discuss the positive uses of discretion. Discuss what would happen with discretionary powers being abused. Do you think that a police department could exist with discretion being banned? Discuss discretion being used at different levels within a police department. How is discretion used in the patrol division, and how is it used in the detective division?
You should cite at least THREE references (books, periodicals, newspaper articles, etc…) used in writing your paper. Do not use your textbook as a reference. Your paper should be double spaced. You should use a Times Roman font, size 12. Place page numbers in the upper right corner of your pages. Page number 5 (five) of your paper should list works cited. Please follow the APA standards when citing sources.
Put your name, course title and course number on the first page of the paper. Title page and works cited page do NOT count toward the four page
written text requirement. Please remember to use spell check on the paper before submitting it.

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