Patient and family centered care custom essay.

Requirements for discussion question response: Respond to the question and to at least one of your peer’s responses . Both responses must be in APA format (meaning they use references where appropriate, have proper grammar and are written at a scholarly level). Your initial response must contain at least one scholarly reference. Your initial response needs to be a minimum of 250 words, your peer response should be at least 150 words. Please be thoughtful in your responses.
Respond to the following question:
Patient and family centered care is the goal of health care organizations since it has been identified as an important part ofproviding high quality patient care. Using your readings as well as research of your own, describe the importance of patient and family centered care for health care professionals. What does patient centered care look like in a health care environment and how do professionals achieve this in day to day practice. Peer respond (need to replay for this with 150 word) Patient centered care revolves around the patient, which helps the relationship between the patient and their health care providers. Care should be fit to the patient’s needs, preferences, values, cultural background, belief, and feelings.
Physicians, practicing patient centered care improve their patient’s clinical outcomes and satisfaction rates which improves the patient’s relationship and quality care.
The patients should feel respected, listened to, involved in their care, understand their treatment plan, family educated in their plan of care, and support

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