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His feedback is as follows:
Okay, to get a good mark, I suggest you find a source that is more unique and for which you can find more details. Do you have any contacts, friends or relatives who
work as operations managers that you can speak to/interview? If you can find someone, it will simplify the process of creating a sophisticated analysis. Your current
approach and detail is more appropriate for an undergraduate level unit.

Otherwise, you will need to find a company that has made details of their internal operations available. It should not be too large an organisation (maybe less than
200 people) so that you can identify a clear and relatively simple problem. Typical problems you might search for include inventory, distribution, purchasing/supply
chain management, quality management and sustainability. You will need to do some serious searching on the web to find a suitable source that provides detailed
information (including some numerical information on the problem). You will find that there have been some detailed cases published which you may be able to use from
either Harvard or Sloan. There is also a business case study journal. I know that some companies publish information on these types of issues when they had done of the

Once you have done this, deconstruct the issue. Break down to its components and fundamental problems and then apply the analysis tools discussed in the unit (e.g.
fishbone, pareto,… analysis), along with the theoretical concepts that apply to that particular problem area (e.g. capacity management).

Note : Same assignment as vibhor Gupta but different topic.

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