Online wellness assessment and wellness assessment reflection paper custom essay.

This assignment includes TWO parts: turning in the summary of the Online Wellness Assessment AND the Wellness Assessment reflection paper

You must submit BOTH components of this project to receive a grade for the project.
? Online Wellness Assessment Summary Page (50 Points) The focus of this assessment will be to bring attention to specific
dimensions of health as they apply to individual well-being.
This assessment must be accessed online and students will be
required to submit a “summary of results” page via the associated drop box. It is important to note that I will not gain access to your
assessment results; results are for your private use. As such, I invite you to be as transparent and honest in your responding to the
assessment items. Please refer to the instructions below to complete the online wellness assessment as well as the PowerPoint
on ELearning
entitled “Ordering the Wellness Assessment”.
Step 1: Each student must purchase the Online Wellness Assessment by: 1) Logging onto 2)
Selecting “Purchase Online Assessment” (this assessment will cost you approximately 14 dollars. You will need a Visa,
MasterCard, or debit card to make the purchase—this is a requirement of the course, so please make arrangements ahead of time
to complete this purchase. For example, some students do not have direct access to credit/debit cards and require their guardians
to assist them with this purchase. 3) Follow the directions for purchasing the assessment and be sure to enter your current email
address when prompted.
Step 2: Complete the Online Wellness Assessment 1) Before starting the online wellness assessment, it might be helpful for you to
check the support bar in the upper righthand
corner of the Rinehart Institute website. 2) You can also access this website: to check the FAQ’s and watch the short video that walks you through completing and submitting
the assessment. The short, fiveminute
video will explain the process of completing the assessment in an easy, stepbystep
fashion, so please refer to this BEFORE launching into the survey. 3) Save the summary of the document for your records and be
sure to print a copy of the summary of your assessment. 4) Submit a digital copy of the summary of your assessment (NOT of your
entire inventory) in the associated drop box on elearning.
5) The copy should contain the cover page (containing your name and date the assessment was purchased), the “swirl” graphic of
your results, the demographics table, and the numeric table of your results. Troubleshooting: If, for any reason whatsoever, you
have technical difficulties with the online assessment, please direct your questions to the Rinehart Institute—their contact
information is on their website. I do not have access to their database and cannot assist you with problems that arise with the
assessment. Please leave enough time to complete the assessment in case there are unforeseen problems.
? Wellness Assessment Paper (60 Points) 1) Follow the associated rubric! 2) Papers must be a minimum of 500 and a maximum
of 800 words in length, typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, with double spacing and oneinch
margins. 3) Remember that
grammar counts; Proof read your paper and/or ask a friend or the writing center to help you with grammar and structure of
necessary. 4) Within this paper, be certain to offer several examples from your own life and address the following two domains:
o Discuss at least two result you found most surprising or helpful to you and why. o How might the incorporation of some of these
results benefit you as a student, an
employee, and in your relationships with others? Be specific, make sure to discuss each role (i.e. student, employee, and in your
relationships with others!

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