Oman Defence and Military

I would like you to take a look at Oman and the Defence and Military factor of the following aspects:

1) Hurmoz Strait
2) Royal Family
3) Business Elite
4) Regional Ties
5) United Kingdom Point of View
6) Leading Figures in Oman (excluding the Sultan)
7) Yemen Conflict
8) Indian Iranian Omani
9) Iran Oman Relations
10) Saudi Oman Relations
11) Kuwait Oman Relation
12) Bahrain Oman Relation
13) Qatar Oman Relation
14) UAE Oman Relations
15) GCC Oman Relation

Terrorist Threat (who are they why are they a threat Please
look at Al Qaeda closely but if their are any other please mention them) Please
keep it rounded on the Defence and Military factor such as alliances, enemies, business military partners, etc.I
will need all
the sources before hand at least 23
days prior and at least 24
sources that are in Arabic and most being from the region….. P.S. i can
read arabic so if you only have the arabic translation i will not mind that but cite it in english please

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