OET Writing For Doctors: Case Study 2.

Occupational English Test

Writing Sub-Test: Medicine

Reading Time: 5 minutes; Writing Time: 40 minutes

Read the case notes and complete the writing task which follows:

Patient: Mr. Jones

Personal History: 

  • Plumber for 30 years.
  • DoB: 05 January 1972.
  • 20 cigarettes a day since age 12.
  • Divorced – 7 years ago.
  • Father died of cardiac arrest.


  • 1990: Broke Arm. No doctor visits since then.
  • 2014: Smokers cough without blood. No wheeze.
  • Stable weight.
  • No chest tightness on exertion
  • No fist clubbing.
  • Abundant tar staining.
  • Pulse: Sinus rhythm. Hard to feel.
  • BP: 108/88 mm Hg
  • Auscultation: crepitation at left base.


  • Respiratory disorder suspected (Lung carcinoma suspected)
  • Stenosis suspected (Hb – upper end)


  • Refer to a cardiologist for an opinion on possible Aortic Stenosis.

Writing Task:

Using the information in the case notes, write a letter of referral for further investigation and definitive diagnosis to the cardiologist, Dr. Janet, London Hospital, 11 Baker’s Street, London.

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