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 Writing Project 1

This writing project is an analysis of the place you call home. Think of the places you have lived

a city
or a small town, a coastal location or high in the mountains. Your audience will be your classmates and
professor. In
this paper, you are expected to provide an analysis of this place (not merely a description),
where you choose the important details in order to build up to a unified interpretation or analysis.
In order to do this, you will need to think about specific d
etails that describe the place. It might be the
smells, the sounds, the people, the activities of people, the buildings, the landscape. What do you
associate with the place? Why?
What activities do people engage in? What does it smell or look like?
What do
you hear? What surprises or overwhelms people?
Choose only the details that will support the
feeling you want the reader to have about this place. Is it dangerous? Is it sad? Is it young and exciting? Is
it full of history? Is it loud and bustling?
develop analytic skills
identify significant details to support an overarching analysis
use enough significant details to support the main points
articulate the overarching analysis in a clear thesis statement
practice structure of an extended argument
ocus on paragraph structure and organization
write for an audience that is not familiar with the location, so that the audience can still
understand the description and analysis
Your paper should be:
A minimum of 3 pages, double
3 pages means that
the text of the paper should fill four
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