music Academic Essay


After reading the Renaissance Unit and listening to its examples on Revel on the filed that attached. respond to the following questions in a few sentences each.

1. During the Renaissance, most composers wanted their vocal music to portray the text as convincingly as possible. In your reading, you should have come across the term, word painting. How would you define word painting? Out of the three Renaissance vocal composers you listened to (Josquin, Byrd, and Weelkes), which one do you think portrayed the text best and why? Can you give an example of word painting from a song you enjoy today?

2-2. You listened to the “Moorish Dance” and saw pictures of early instruments in the PowerPoint. Which instrument(s) did you find most interesting and/or want to know more about? In the next unit (Baroque) we will discuss how instruments and the idea of the orchestra developed.

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