Morale/motivation custom essay.

For this morale/motivation issues paper, you are to review current and peer reviewed information available in the university
library and/or the Internet and write a scholarly paper that depicts the issues of morale and motivation as the topics relate to
communication in the workplace. Paper should a) define the topics; b) provide examples of low and high morale and
motivation; c) explain impact of morale and motivation; and d) draw conclusions of recommendations for healthcare managers
to increase morale and motivation in the workplace. At least five sources of external research must be used to help draw
conclusions to this analysis. I want this question to be one paper to be 2 page paper, double space, APA style and complete
sentences do not use ambiguous words, you can easily misunderstood and/or waste precious time having to explain yourself.
This paper should include:
•Morale and motivation are adequately discussed in terms of literature search.
•Share the information you have read in our textbooks, modules and research of the Internet.
•List a minimum of five references with intext
citation providing support for each topic/issue. (Our textbook should be used as
one reference and cited at least one time in the paper.)
•Use appropriate headings (APA style) to provide structure for the paper and to organize thoughts.
•Write papers in third person (avoid use of first person pronouns such as I and my, etc.)
•Use the sample APA paper for guidance on formatting.
(Links to an external site.)
•Submit assignment with a cover page/title page.

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