Monitoring and Evaluation custom essay

 Effective health care organizations recognize the importance of monitoring the implementation of a strategy as well as ongoing operations. These organizations plan ahead to ensure that appropriate measures are in place for evaluation purposes. For this Discussion, you will examine a strategic planning scenario and identify measures that could be used for monitoring and evaluation.

Prepare for this Discussion as follows:

Review the “Learning Exercise” on page 270 of Managing Health Care Business Strategy. With this in mind, develop a hypothetical scenario of your own—one that reflects your own interests related to health care strategic planning.

What steps would need to be followed to set up a good strategy monitoring and adjustment program in this scenario?

Prepare a list of approximately eight financial and nonfinancial metrics that you would propose for monitoring in the hypothetical scenario you have developed. Include the sources you would use to gather the necessary data.
Think of an example of something that might be discovered during the strategic monitoring program you are proposing. What adjustments might be made in response?
Post by Day 4 a response to the following:

Describe the hypothetical scenario you have developed.

Explain the steps for setting up a good strategy-monitoring and adjustment program, as it relates to this scenario.

List the eight metrics you have selected and provide a rationale for two or three of the ones that you think are particularly important.

Provide an example of a something that might be discovered during a strategic monitoring program and the adjustments that could be made in response.
Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

Respond by Day 6 to at least one of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:
Ask a probing question.

Expand on the colleague’s posting with additional insight and resources.

Offer polite disagreement or critique, supported with evidence.
In addition to, but not in place of the above, you may:

Offer and support an opinion.

Validate an idea with your own experience.

Make a suggestion or comment which guides or facilitates the Discussion.

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