Mohammed’s Case Study Academic Essay

Using the case study(attached), you will be required to describe how to apply the social work process for this client scenario by applying key skills and techniques used throughout the professional relationship.

Discuss the ways you will achieve each phase of the social work process ( Engagement, Assessment, Intervention, Termination and Review) with this client by utilizing such skills as:

verbal/nonverbal communication
rapport building/establishing trust
active listening
cultural considerations
using a strengths based model
applying an empowerment approach to your social work practice
developing a collaborative and partnership model with the client rather than doing all the work for the client
You will be required to discuss all phases of a generalist intervention model while applying your social work practice skills in the process.

Use the Harvard referencing system
A minimum of 8 references are required. Only 2 of these can be internet based. All references must be from academic peer reviewed journal articles , or academic texts or government sponsored websites.

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