MN7558 Strategy, business information and analysis custom essay.

1. Apply the logic of ‘blue ocean strategy’ to an organisation with which you are familiar (1,500 words).

2. Critically discuss ‘blue ocean strategy’ in relation to other forms of strategy development (1000 words).
3. Evaluate the strategy report and its development by your group. This task has two essential components.
a. You must discuss the usefulness of the strategy approach recommended for Trung Nguyen (500 words).
b. You must discuss the process of preparing your group’s strategy report for Trung Nguyen (500 words).
You will need to refer specifically to your group’s strategy report in order to answer both parts (a) and (b). Your group’s strategy
report must be included as an appendix to your assignment.
=======? for the detailed information please refer to the attached files:
Please ensure that you have read the advice on assignment writing and referencing which is available at: es.pdf
Activity material questions which can be used to draft the essay to question number 3:
Reading material which can be used for complete assignment:

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