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Choose one of the articles found in the Assignment 1 folder on the course home page. Explain how the situation in the article relates to a topic in this course. For example, an article might discuss how a company is gathering or using marketing intelligence. Outline what the company is reportedly doing and then relate this to the course content on marketing intelligence. Your assignment could explain, based on the course content why the company is doing this in a particular way, and how what the company is doing is similar to, or different to, the material presented in lectures and the textbook. Be careful that you do not simply describe or repeat the content of the article. Your assignment is not a summary of the article but shows how marketing concepts are at work in the organization you read about. An illustrative example assignment will be given to you at the beginning of the trimester.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls 1947-1969
Boeing: The First Century & Beyond
AAA CAA Western Canada & Alaska Tourbook
Problems of Space and Time
The Insurrection in Paris
Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Volume One of the Best of the Blacklisted Journalist
Vimeiro 1808: Wellesley’s first victory in the Peninsular
Multicultural Picture Books: Art for Understanding Others

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