Managing diversity custom essay.

 Subject: Managing Diversity

Why is it so important to manage diversity? Diversity in the
workplace/organization is simply inevitable. The US population in itself is
quiet diversified not to mention that the increasingly globalizing market
had greatly diversified organizations all across the board. Just like the US
population, most working environment are enriched with different cultural,
religious, ethnic background, etc. In unit 2 we read an article by Ernst
(2008) on the subject. He pointed out some issues that leaders may have to
face in relation to diversity within the organization and some of these
issues include:
Conflict in values, view point or beliefs
Leadership bias or favoritism
These are common issues that most organizations faces and will have a direct
effect on organizations functions. Challenges that may arise for leaders
include figuring out how to build a team create policies that protect
individual’s right, create environment that discourage siloism and fosters
sharing of information, etc. Thus, it is imperative that leaders recognize
diversity within their organization and understand its affect in order to
better manage it. Ernst referred to managing diversity as “bridging the gap”
(Ernst, 2008).
Our objective for this topic Managing Diversity to find information that will:
The research links are Ernst, C., and Yip, J. (2008). Bridging boundaries:
Meeting the challenge of workplace diversity. Leadership in Action, 28(1).
The second link URL is managing diversity in the workplace/ id=0&hid=4105 Chapter 12: Managing Diversity in the Workplace
There is a saying among managers that one must manage the employee’s
perception as well as the reality. What does this mean to you? How would
one go about managing from such a perspective?
Use Reference to answer these questions

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