Management information systems custom essay.


Part 1)

I need about a paragraph or a little more for:


  1. What is an information system and how can such a system play a role in business and day to day activities?  (Please cite the source in APA)


Part 2)

Personal Reflection: Take some time to consider what components and aspects you learned via the discussion boards. Write a very brief reflection


(In order to do part 2, here is what other students posted in the discussion topic about the first question above, and I just need you to write a brief reflection of what you learned.)


Here is what Linda wrote:

An Information System is all components that work together to receive data, process it and produce information. This usually includes many parts including both hardware and software and many different programs that work together or side-by-side to make a complete system all contributing to the main goal of the business.


Here is what David posted:

An information system is fundamental in gathering the right information efficiently and stores it so that it can be used and manipulated as necessary. In addition, it helps an organization achieve its business goals by aiding in problem solving and decision making, which both require information. Some examples of how businesses use information systems to support their daily operations are: electronic commerce, inventory, contact relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS) equipment, all which produce valuable information and when manipulated properly creates reports, which are tools to optimize many aspects of business operations.


Oz, E., & Souza, K. (2002). Management information systems (7th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. p.17


Here is what Daniel posted:

An information system is defined as “an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for delivering information, knowledge, and digital products”. (Information system)  A well developed information system helps businesses and society in general run smoothly and efficiently.  Businesses can process product requests, feedback, and quantities quickly to adjust for supply and demand.  Sales and marketing  teams can also communicate with customers to promote product changes, sales and future developments.  With the incredible speed in which technology has advanced over the past twenty years, it is not expected that any and all relevant information be available instantly or a company risks being left in the dust.  We are a society based off of instant gratification and there is need to be constantly “in the loop”.
Works cited:

“Information System.” Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 16 Jan. 2016.


A post by Lakeshia:

Information systems are system that organization use to compile, store, retrieve, send, share and analyze information.  These types of systems were created to assist and make the day to day work-loads and activities more manageable.  Some Baby boomers faired the implication of information systems as they began to witness their daily work become computerize.


Here is what Jessica wrote:

Information system, an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for delivering information, knowledge, and digital products. Business firms and other organizations rely on information systems to carry out and manage their operations, interact with their customers and suppliers, and compete in the marketplace.


Finally the last post is by Lisa:

An information system is basically comprised of hardware, software and telecommunications, whereby humans input data, which the system then processes and quickly provides output in the form of information.

Information systems are used by many different types of businesses for a wide variety of purposes, such as processing and storing financial data for reports, customer accounts, employee time recording and payroll, accounts payable and receivables, procurement and inventory, shipping and mailing, medical records, and so on

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