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I am developing a business plan for my Global Economy Management course. Below is a summary of the business idea.
Please develop a Management/ organization plan based on the business.
Management Plan/Henriksen Face Products
Our group has determined that we would like to start an international ecommerce business of beauty products. The target
market we have determined is Southern Asia. This area has a growing market with a large potential customer base. The
products we choose to focus on initially are:
1. Skin Bleaching Cream
2. SPF cream
3. Skin cleanser
4 Hair care product
According to, “Internet retailing will be the next big distribution channel” in India, the market we will enter
“As internet retailing in India is expected to register the strongest growth in terms of retail value sales, sales of beauty and
personal care products via this channel will also increase. This will be driven primarily by mass brands, as consumers will
not mind buying the same brands from an internet retailer at a discounted price rather than from a hypermarket or beauty
specialist retailer.” Entering as a small ecommerce business will allow us to sell upscale, American beauty products, which
have an established loyal following, at a discounted price. Our copycat business will target a niche market of the “toughest
customers” (Cullen, pg. 274)
Our company, Henrikson Face Products, will advertise via television, social media and online ads,. A sales office in India will
have local staff to aid in entering the market. We will also approach local distributors such as tosowong and fair and lovely

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