Manage Workforce Planning Academic Essay

Managing workforce planning ensures the organisation understands what labour demands it will need to meet at some future date.
In order to estimate its future labour demands to meet its production or service requirements, the organisation must have in place strategy documents such as a Vision, a Mission, strategic/corporate objectives = Corporate Plan, and any operational plans.
Students are required to prepare a report (2000 words) that outlines the future workforce profile of staffing levels and competencies needed to meet the predicted future requirements for their organisation or one department or area of the organisation. To do this you will need to:
• Meet with appropriate personnel from chosen organisation to elicit necessary information
• Review the strategic business plans relevant to that organisation or area of business.
• Analyse existing the workforce to determine areas of shortage or excess and establish the organisation’s requirements for a skilled and diverse workforce.
• Forecast human resources supply in relation to the needs of the department/area within your organisation. Base your comments on research into external labour supply data and demographic and economic data.
• Identify the organisation’s process for capitalising on knowledge management of an aging cohort of staff
• Identify what the current staff turnover is, whether it is considered acceptable and what strategies are in place (or should be) to address the turnover.


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