If lobbying and campaign finance in the US are not reformed, American democracy is doomed custom essay.


This session, you will write a research essay, which is in APA format and includes a title page, abstract, and references list. The
purpose of this paper is to hone your critical thinking skills by creating a suitable research plan, evaluating sources and
arguments, and proposing solutions to a problem of current interest. The paper must focus on one of the topics below regarding
current trends and future predictions.
•Changes must happen in both human eating habits and food cultivation if the human race is to survive
•The European Union will, or will not, last another decade
•If lobbying and campaign finance in the US are not reformed, American democracy is doomed
•How changes to marriage and family will change American society
•How social media, web sharing, and/or similar trends in the internet will affect social and personal behaviors
•What changes must happen because of the interaction between the world’s growing population and decreasing natural
Choose a topic from the list above. Follow your personal taste in this choice, but also search a library and a library database for
suitable critical articles about the topic. For the paper, you will need to use at least five scholarly articles, authoritative sources,
and/or book chapters.
The Final Research Paper must include the following.
•Three to five pages of body and a References page
•12 pt. Times New Roman font
•Double spaced
title page and abstract
•All pages should be numbered
•Should contain five sources (minimum)
•Select a topic from the list.
•Research library catalog and databases for works about the topic (five articles and/or book chapters required).
•Read the sources.
•Propose a preliminary thesis or solution on the iss

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