Literature Review Academic Essay

Your task is to watch the TEDS talk given by Sir Ken Robinson on the Learning Revolution (

Lames de fond

) and write a 500 word review of two points he makes in his talk that could be undertaken to change the way we provide either school or university education.
The format should be in an essay with normal introduction, body and conclusion as the structure.
You should then upload the document in Word format to Turnitin on iLearn by Wednesday May 4th. In addition, a hard copy with your name on each page, should be brought to your regular class in Week 8 and handed to your lecturer. Failure to bring a hard copy to class will mean that your essay will not be marked until received.
The marking will be allocated as follows:
Structure 1 Mark
Argument 7 Marks
Presentation: includes Grammar & Spelling 2 Marks
Total 10 Marks

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