Linda Loma Admission Essay – Master of Public Health

Admission Essay – Master of Public Health Loma Linda

Statement of Purpose

            Service to humanity has been a critical element that has constantly shaped my life choices. Working as an international flight attendant has opened my eyes to significant social inequalities such as unequal health care and housing access. This element has pushed me towards striving for a public health career. Despite the many challenges in the field, a successful career in public health can be significantly rewarding and fulfilling. This career aligns with my interests in maintaining and improving human conditions to enhance our abilities to achieve successful and fulfilling lives.

            A genuine interest in caring for vulnerable individuals in society has pushed me to acquire an MPH despite its lack of necessary CEPH certification. However, while studying for the MPH, I interned for BBS, which became a fulfilling learning experience. The internship also offered me an opportunity to offer informative education to the youths to help them promote healthy lifestyles. It was a rewarding experience to witness stressed, anxious, and out–of–ideas youth becoming confident with their abilities to live healthier lifestyles. I also undertook a project to create mass awareness against tobacco and vaping. As an individual who has always been goal-oriented, I look forward to achieving the certification to enhance my abilities to achieve my short-term and long-term goals. Acquiring the certification will significantly influence my long-term goal of becoming a successful epidemiologist and opening a non-profit organization aiming to counter the increasing homeless population.

I firmly believe that I have acquired fundamental knowledge through my professional experiences, which have been instrumental in developing critical skills to help me soar higher in your MPH program. During my previous studies, I have gained valuable knowledge on the ability to monitor a population’s health needs and tailor health policies that can help evaluate and promote healthy lifestyles. The program will facilitate an in-depth study and preparation for the various challenges public health professionals encounter in the field. I am confident that I can achieve great success in your program if offered the opportunity, and I wish to thank you for considering my application.

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