Levels of care custom essay.


Often, the needs of a patient necessitate receiving care from various levels within the health care industry. Assume that a patient has developed a brain tumor and is seeking care from his or her primary care physician.

Prepare a Word document of 3–4 pages that details the interaction that the patient may have with each level of care (primary, secondary, and tertiary). For each level, be sure to discuss the following components, at a minimum:

Services provided for the level
Medical professionals encountered on the level
Special issues or challenges involved at this level of care from the following perspectives:
A patient perspective
A provider perspective
An administrator’s perspective
A third-party payer’s perspective
Procedure to refer the patient to the next level of care
Be sure to make your answers specific to a patient that has a brain tumor as you trace his or her interaction with the health care industry through the 3 levels of care. In addition, do not forget to use citations and references throughout your paper

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