Leading Strategic Change & Renewal Academic Essay

Leading Strategic Change & Renewal
First, please prepare a summary for the whole attached article (Be Direct & To The Point).
Second, Please answer the following questions from the attached document ONLY:
(Each question should be answered in separate paragraph) & please make sure to write the number of questions before the paragraph. Moreover, I need you to focus on the answer by being simple & direct to the point.
1. What are Ingrid Johnson’s main change management challenges when she arrives at Business Banking in 2005?
2. How does she address these challenges in her first two years?
3. What is your assessment of her performance in her first two years? What were her successes and what did not work out well?
4. What does she do differently in her second two years? Does her leadership style change over time?
5. What could Johnson have done differently to make the change process move faster?

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