Leadership Resources and Motivators

CLC – Leadership Resources and Motivators

Becoming a good leader requires extensive consultation and research. A good leader has to be
well equipped with proper leadership skills, mentoring skills and motivation abilities. The skills can only
be obtained from leaders who have been successful in the past as mentioned by Athletes (2011). Curtis
Thompson TV (2014) has been a very useful video to any person who wishes to learn about leadership,
and coaching. According to the TV channel, mentoring is a mix of leadership and coaching. Elowitt
(2012) has also elaborately outlined a proper guide to becoming a professional coach through leadership
and mentoring, which are skills that can be applied by any professional.
A coach needs to be well endowed with leadership skills. As Sherman (2017) puts it, a leader
coach is very effective in leading change especially in the nursing arena. Sozzi (2018) reiterated that the
essence of being a mentor is to acquire proper leadership skills. In a video lecture, Theus (2014) also
elaborates the need of leadership and coaching on becoming a good mentor.
These resources have been very useful in developing the personal preparedness to become a
good mentor, leader and coach. These professional skills can be easily acquired through consultations
and deliberations. However, it is not enough to read or watch the many available books, articles and
videos. One has to cultivate a strong innate drive to become a professional.



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