Law of tort custom essay.


Vince operates a charitable organization in Norfolk called the Peace Fund, which aims to promote peaceful solutions instead of violence. Shawn is one of Vince’s followers (he is not paid by Vince), and drives a van, which displays the logo of
the Peace Fund. Shawn has been asked to drive to Birmingham to pick up some furniture that has been donated to the organization. Vince also makes a personal request for Shawn to go to see Vince’s brother, Bret, who also lives in
Birmingham. Bret had asked Vince personally to look after Bret’s son Jimmy as Bret was due to go abroad and Vince instructs Shawn to collect Jimmy on his behalf. Shawn has been instructed to leave on Wednesday and to stay overnight in a hotel, and to then meet Bret on Thursday.
Unfortunately, the following events occur. Firstly, on the Wednesday night, Shawn gets a bit drunk and ends up breaking the television in his hotel room. Secondly, after picking up Jimmy (Bret’s son), Shawn gets frustrated with Jimmy and punches him. This leaves Jimmy with a broken arm.
It turns out that Shawn has no money, and nor does he have any insurance.
(i) The hotel company would like to bring a claim against the Peace Fund for the damage to the television.
(ii) Jimmy would like to bring a claim against Vince for the injury to Jimmy’s arm.
NOTE; This is a research assignment; supplementary materials are provided in lecture slides, however you are expected to
demonstrate your research and analytical skills in this assignment.
Word Limit; 1,500 words including general comments in footnotes but not including the citations or referencing of sources
referred to in the body of the answer in the footnotes or the bibliography
General Instructions (READ CAREFULLY);
• Please use 12 point font, preferably Times New Roman.
• Paragraphs need to be ‘justified’.
• Paragraphs should be set with 2 point spacing, or at the very least 1.5.
• You should make sure that you use headings and subheadings
throughout the essay.
• Appropriate legal materials should be used (do not just rely on textbooks or casebooks).
• Presentation should be OSCOLA compliant

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