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Dr. Zollinger’s SAMPLE ABSTRACT of Comte’s theorizing
Central Thesis:
There is a natural (“organic”) order for society that can be discovered through scientific investigation, and this natural order
should be followed in structuring society. Neither monarchy nor rule of people by the people (democracy) follow this natural
Answers to Thought Questions:
There are three stages of society (Comte implies that the stages are outcomes of the type of knowledge in society)
1. Rule of Kings.
Monarchical rule guided and buttressed by appeal to religious knowledge. Monarchy takes a paternal approach to rule.
Appeal to divine wisdom for ruling. Attempt to maintain social order, not just out of selfinterest,
but monarchy believes such
an order is most beneficial for all (based on the assumption that the public at large should be cared for by rulers like a child is
cared for by her parents). Monarchy does not understand the important principle of societal organization, that a
consensus/harmony between organic parts is “natural.”
Knowledge form: Theological/Spiritual stage of knowledge; facts explained by invented facts
Societal organization: Military
2. Democratic Rule.
This form of governance is based on the ideological assumption that all humans have “natural rights.” This is negative for the
organic society because, Comte argues, it results in an anarchical situation. He strongly believes that social organization
ultimately follows some laws of natural order. We must discover those laws using the scientific method.
Knowledge form: Metaphysical stage of knowledge “transitional” not “heavenly”, not “earthly” but a MIX of both; begin to use
natural facts to explanation.
Societal organization: Military/Industrial transitional
form of social organization
3. Scientific (or Positive) Rule (also called Technocratic rule).
Scieintific knowledge is the best form of knowledge according to Comte, who argues that social investigation can and shoud
follow the scientific tenets of systematic observation in search of patterns. These patterns constitute “natural laws” in Comte’s
opinion. Savants Rule (sociologists) devise the grand societal plan. Industrial heads carryout
the grand planned society,
and artists convince the masses that this hierachical form of social organization with a planned society based on scientific
understanding of the social world is the best form of governance.

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