Java E-Commerce project custom essay.

Project Title: Grocery StoreSample websites: &

Please design your own company name and logo!
Functions needed:
1. Introduction of your store
(I will write an introduction paragraph and The logo and name of the store can be G9G Group 9 Grocery, use White background and Green foreground color scheme.)
2. Store Locator
(3 stores with different addresses 3700 Apple St N, Naples Florida 22810, 8566 Orange Pkwy, Ft myers Florda 38118, and 9000 Pear Drive, Estero FL 44001)
3. Weekly Ads on the first page
(Just two ads that go back and forth on a slider on the side or the middle of the page, maybe an ad like (Order A Cake now! and one that says New Items: Water click here to view, and it takes you to the page that you can buy water)

4. Provide “Online easy ordering” function (just like the one on

(this page will just be an ordering page that lets you order premade food like turkey sandwich, bbq chicken, and ham sandwich, and lets you choose a store and time to pick it up at and you pay online. )

5. Cake ordering function: customers can order cakes through the website including:
a. pick design of the cake, b. customize the cake topping, materials, etc. (similar to the function on, c. decide the pickup time, d. pickup location (at which local store) e. pay online through your website.

(Doesn’t have to be too in depth, just a few options to choose from like LG/SM Chocolate or Vanilla Cake, with choices of Vanilla/ Strawberry, or Chocolate Frosting, choice to add sprinkes, and to add candles or not. Then you choose which store to pick it up from, and pay online)

6. Provide gift card purchase function to allow customers to buy gift cards online.

(Purchase a gift card, item amounts 25 or 50$ then you can search the gift card number that gives you a balance of the gift card, and there should be an option for you to use the gift card to purchase an item)

7. Provide baby club function (similar to the function on WinnDixie), and randomly offering coupons to the customers who are considered as loyal customers (you make your rules here).

(all registered users have access to the club, just one coupon to offer which will give you 5$ off on your next order, I was thinking there should be a tab that says “rewards club” and it gives you the code “5dollarsoff” if you are logged in or asks you to login if not. )

8. Have Facebook connection to your store page on Facebook
(just link to

9. Provide search function for the contents through your website
(search products)

10. Customer history information, such as purchase history, available for each registered customer.

11. Need “shopping cart” function

12. New customer registration

Database: each table needs at least 20 records, for each cake materials, total inventory in your database must to be 10.

Custom Lg Cake
Custom SM Cake
Chocolate base
Vanilla base

Chocolate/vanilla/strawberry frosting

Sprinkles and or candles

Ham or turkey

Apple, banana, lemon

Deli (use for easy ordering)
Chicken Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, Cheese Tray, BBQ Chicken.

Lettuce, Carrots, Onion

Milk, Pepsi, Water

Cookies, Vanilla Ice Cream

Gift Card
25$ or 50$

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