Islamic architecture and lost spirituality custom essay.

This is a philosophical essay about architecture.

The essay should talk about Islamic architecture how it started and developed in general, Mainly it should discuss and compare between the first mosque that was built by the prophet and his companions at the very beginning of islam and mosques built in the beginning of islam, And the mosques built in the period of the Ottoman empire at the peak of the Islamic empire.

The essay should look at the first mosque main elements which were simply earth sky and the minimalist walls in between and few the rooms around. the simplicity and honesty of the mosque left a lot of space for the senses to connect and meditate on a spiritual level. It should also look at how it was used and how it was built/structure.
Then it should look at the Mosques later that started to become Grand and intensely detailed with ornaments and colours reflecting the power and wealth of an empire. And how between politics and finance spirituality got lost. It should also look at the advanced mosques different uses and the way it was built/structure.

The essay should discuss and argue this comparison on an architectural, philosophical and ecological levels. it should discuss if the mosques development were healthy or not and demonstrate both opposite views about it and show each architectures cons and pros on a structural, philosophical and ecological aspects. but in conclusion support the early architecture of Islam.

Also the essay should look at Islamic culture through out history and how it was influenced and how it interacted with different cultures concluding how that effected architecture and society.

The essay should also look at Islamic culture and architecture after the the fall of the empire and the change happened to the Islamic society and architecture. there are a lot of fragments and pieces of architecture, old and new, that can be studied and developed to understand the relation between human, earth, heaven and the grand ornaments.

from this observations the essay should illustrate and discuss the power of architecture and the back and forth influence between Architecture and society.

Please include images and diagrams.
Please use online books/sources that i can have access to and send me a copy of all the pages used to write the essay marking the texted used and the referenced quotes.

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