Is it ethical for a company to engage in offshore banking? custom essay.

. The Final Project research paper, consisting of cover page (optional), text (required), bibliography (required), etc., must be between five to eight pages, word processed, and formatted as follows:

• 12-point font
• One-inch margins
• 1 ½ or double-spaced

4. The Final Project research paper must include, at a minimum, the following specific headings and content:
• Ethics Issue: Precisely identify the ethical question that will be addressed in the paper.
If your approved topic is from the Final Project List of Sample Topics, write that
topic/question here.
• Facts: Must include all facts that should be considered in reaching a sound ethical
judgment on the issue. Put any introductory material here.
• Options and Analysis: In this section, the student reasons toward moral judgments on
the ethical issue which is the subject of the paper. The section must include consideration of the approaches (i.e., analysis and judgment upon the defined ethical issue) that might be generated using three (three; no more and no less) major ethical principles (e.g., Egoism, Act Utilitarianism, Kant, Ross, Brandt/ Rule Utilitarianism, Libertarian, fairness or distributive justice ethics, etc.).
• Best Option: Must include a brief explanation of why the student considers this the best
The Final Project research paper must use at least three credible or scholarly articles, three books or three reported, appellate cases, or some combination thereof as page-specific, footnoted references* in the paper and these references must demonstrate that the cited articles and/or cases were read, in their entireties,

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