International Political Economy of China Academic Essay

1. Name one or two of the most serious challenges faced by China nowadays with regard to its international political economy China confronts nowadays. Discuss the international political and international economic causes for the challenge(s) as well as the international political and international economic implications of the challenge(s).

2. “China’s oil diplomacy (or its stance on climate change) is irresponsible and is detrimental to the world.” Discuss and state whether you are discussing oil or climate change diplomacy.

3. Discuss the following implications of China’s greater role in international political economy for ONE of the following aspects–1) global governance; 2) the global or regional order; 3) global or regional political economy. Feel free to focus on one or two major cases, policies, or initiatives of China in the post-1992 period.

4. To what extent is China’s greater role in international political economy an opportunity or threat for the world?

5. (Available to those of you who have not written on the impact of domestic political economy on international political economy of China in the short essay) Using one post-1992 period (such as under Jiang’s or Xi’s leadership, or one of their policies) as a case discuss how domestic political economy interacts with the international political economy in China.

6. Which model of development is more sustainable, India’s or China’s? Why is the other module is problematic? Explain.

7. To what extent are the different economic reform outcomes in China and Russia (or plus Eastern Europe) due to the pace of reform?





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