International HRM Academic Essay

With regard to the case study organisation ‘Reardon’s Hotels’, complete the following:


  1. Identify the main reasons why Reardon’s Hotels choose to internationalise and discuss whichtype of MNCwould best suit the organisation.


  1. b) Recruitment and Selection
  2. Explain the main reasons for the internal recruitment of Hotel Manager for the new subsidiary in southern Spain
  3. Create a person specification,and suggest proper selection method(s) for the position of Hotel Manager. Justify your choice of selection method(s).


  1. c) Training and Development
  2. Devise a training and development strategy for the new position of Hotel Managerfor the new subsidiary in southern Spain and for the staff in the new hotel.
  3. Provide a rationale for each component of the strategy.


  1. d) Total Reward
  2. Design a total reward strategy for the new position of Hotel Managerspecifically,and the staff for the new subsidiary in southern Spain.
  3. Justify your choice of components included in, and excluded from, the total rewards package.


  1. e) Outline the potential difficulties Reardon’s Hotels may encounter when opening the new hotel in southern Spain, and suggest solutions to these difficulties.

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