Institutional Affiliation Fundraising Admission

Institutional Affiliation Fundraising


1.1: Valley of the Sun YMCA YMCA is an organization that engages in enabling several United States (US) communities to learn, grow, as well as thrive. It has created a robust network system on the ground, considering that it engages over 10,000 neighborhoods in the country. YMCA is slowly ground on the empowerment agenda, considering that it is more interested in empowering youths by enabling them to remain healthy for optimal social output. Its strengths are based on its capability to nurture every teen and child, thus, contributing significantly towards the wellbeing of the nation. However, the major challenge relates to the creation of an active support program that can be able to cater to the health and wellbeing needs of every person it engages. The proper running of the plan calls for the substantial investment of funds, which may not always be enough. YMCA is usually funded by different organizations to enable it to meet its financial obligations and goals. It has a host of various organizations that are committed to ensuring that its quest to help young people attain their potentials and lead a healthy living is achieved. Some of its principal donors are AARP Foundation, Howard Johnson, Comcast, Annie E. Casey Foundation, and CVC Health. Other organizations that support YMCA work include The Walker Family Foundation, UnitedHealth Group, and The REI Foundation, among others. Briefly, YMCA has a host of donors that enable it to sustain its development programs and agendas.

1.2: Tempe Community Action Agency Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA) was established in 1966 and has come up with policies aimed at elevating poverty at the family level. TCAA is all about fostering dignity, as well as self-reliant by strengthening neighborhoods and families. Therefore, it helps to address the economic challenges of the most vulnerable in the community. Currently, it runs empowerment programs that benefit over 22,000 children, seniors, and adults. The weak within, as well as near Tempe City benefits from programs such as creating affordable housing, health services for the infants, as well as toddlers, and provision of proper care for the aging. The organization also helps to address issues concerning food insecurity. However, the organization does not have distinct donors, which usually happens to a significant challenge. It relies on how well people will buy its products to promote their activities and agendas. The donations can also be given on kinds such as presenting goods and foodstuff and volunteering in talents and time. Otherwise, everyone is at liberty to donate at any day and time. Apart from that, one can promote TCAA work by attending its events or even purchasing some of the products it makes.

1.3: Wildfire Wildfire is an Arizona based organization that aims at elevating poverty in the area. Its main message is to promote fair practice that will enable the members to reduce the level of debt in communities living in the state. As an organization, Wildfire aim at coming up with ethical, collaborative issues by ensuring community support programs are maintained. Therefore, it is not only about elevating poverty but also finding permanent solutions that can end the menace. The organization faces significant challenges when trying to create a permanent solution to acquire sufficient funds as it does not have unique donors. It relies on different people for donations where one can make his contributions online. Therefore, this means that the organization does not have a stable funds’ acquisition network.


2.1: Valley of the Sun YMCA YMCA is an organization that aims at improving youth development but strengthening their healthy living. Therefore, it has a special mission anchored on the principles of enhancing the social welfare of over 10,000 neighborhoods in several parts of the US. Therefore, since the establishment of the organization in 1800, it has continued changing its policies to accommodate more vulnerable people in the UK. To date, YMCA has remained functional for more than 160 serving the deserving population on various capacities. Therefore, to demonstrate its influence, the organization has engaged in several projects meant to improve the attainment of the set goals. The programs are usually based on three major areas. It has set programs based on youth development where the organizational members delve on nurturing the capabilities and potential of teens and children. Secondly, YMCA also aims at promoting healthy living where its members are interested in improving the general wellbeing and health of the nation. The third set of programs are related to the promotion of social responsibilities where the members concentrate on giving back, as well as providing the necessary support to the neighbors. The trend has helped to create a more responsible society where everyone feels close to each other.

2.2: Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA) TCAA has a rich history as it was established more than 50 years ago. It was strongly themed on the principle of strengthened neighborhood and families by ensuring that the poverty levels have been adequately reduced. Its mission is to ensure that several sustainable programs are enacted to help improve the lives of the homeless, as well as stabilize housing. Therefore, as a nonprofit organization, TCAA has managed to address societal vices such as food insecurity, promote good health among the children, and take care of the aging. Apart from that, TCAA also helps to uplift the economic status of the families identified to be living below the average. The organization has, therefore, managed to initiate and develop several community programs aimed at improving the living standards and the social wellbeing of the community members. The community action program is one of them, and it aims at promoting various social welfare programs such as taking care of the aging. I-HELP Shelter Program aims at providing the necessary support to the homeless. The Food Program is meant to ensure that no one starves by delivering food to needy families. There is also the Senior Independence Program that is intended to provide a comfortable living for the elderly such as giving them the necessary hospice services. Other programs embraced by TCAA organization are Farmers Market, Community Garden, and Economic Advancement measures. They are all meant to fast track and enhance the achievement of the set development goals.

2.3: Wildfire Wildfire is still not a very old nonprofit organization even though it has managed to achieve a lot in Arizona. The members have been able to live to the mission that aims at promoting better living among the Arizonians. Wildfire has managed to come up with several initiatives that are aimed at elevating poverty while at the same time providing a lasting solution to those in various needs. Therefore, it operates under three major programs, which are based on advocacy, access, as well as sustainability. The advocacy program is meant to raise awareness of the existence of vulnerable in society so that the world can get to know about them. The access program, on the other hand, is meant to increase the accessibility of essential services and products to the poor so that they can be able to sustain their livelihoods. The sustainability programs are intended to ensure that such applications are elevated and ready to stay permanently. Therefore, they are meant to ensure that poverty has been elevated on a more permanent basis.


3.1: Valley of the Sun YMCA As indicated earlier, the YMCA has many sources for funding its activities. It has established a long list of donors who have always been ready to fund its operations. Focusing on financial and material assistance from potential donors has become one of the fundamental mechanisms for funding YMCA operations. Deloitte is one of the donors as it has subscribed as one of the primary facilitators of the nonprofit organization’s activities. Apart from that, it also benefits from financial assistance from the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Susan Crown Exchange. As a result, it is considered to be one of the most financially stable nonprofit organizations. It does not depend on earned revenues, which cannot be predicted. It only depends on unearned income in the form of donations, grants, as well as events.

3.2: Tempe Community Action Agency TCAA majors from earning from real revenue that comes in the form of sales, memberships, as well as admission. It has no specific or established donor meaning that it depends on other options for funding its activities. Anyone visiting its site is at will to donate in cash or kind. One can donate goods such as clothing and food. The volunteering option also enables TCAA to save on extra cost that could have been incurred as part of operation cost. The organization also generates revenue from membership and admission fees charged to everyone that intends to become an active member of the organization. TCAA is also able to generate revenue from sales of its products and services. Member and non-members are charged a fee for attending its event. They are also encouraged to purchase products originating from TCAA. The move enables it to get funds that can be used to run its activities and essential programs.

3.3: Wildfire Wildfire generates its funds from the earned revenues. The members are expected to part with admission fees when being registered. They are also likely to remit membership fees on an annual basis, especially during the annual conference. The organization has not established products it can sell to generate more funds. It heavily relies on the donations made by anyone who feels touched by its work and impacts to the less fortunate in society.


4.1: Valley of the Sun YMCA As an established nonprofit organization, the YMCA has managed to create a team or professional fundraising team that can be able to engage with high profile donors. The organization has managed to create career advancement opportunities one of them being the creation of a proper fundraising team. It is worth indicating that the funds it gets are enough for bankrolling a team of professional fundraisers who can engage with various renowned foundations and association of adequate funding of its operations. Therefore, YMCA participates on several mechanisms to promote and solicit for more funding. It uses professional solicitors as they can present their ideas and various development initiatives for more funding. It also encourages the conduction o special events such as the case of holding annual conferences to lobby for more donors to come on board and promote its operations. The use of direct mailing is at times employed to help remind of the donors of what is expected to them. This is regarded as part of ethical and proper communication when lobbying for more funds.

4.2: Tempe Community Action Agency Valley of the Sun YMCA TCAA does not have sufficient funds to hire professional fundraising staffs. Therefore, it has to rely on a team of volunteers that act as its face by helping it galvanize for more funds. The volunteering department is correctly structured in a manner such that the members have unique uniforms to promote the work of TCAA and attract potential donors. Therefore, the nonprofit organization is compelled to employ unique mechanisms for soliciting for a fund such as giving high expectation among the board members. The portal on the ‘other giving options’ is meant to pave the way for those who may be willing to perform unique roles such as soliciting for funds for TCAA. It also has an online giving portal that indicates ‘donate today’ where anyone who feels touched by the activities of TCAA can contribute in cash. The holding of special events such as the TCAA Event and annual conference is deemed a unique mechanism for soliciting for more funds on behalf of the nonprofit group.

4.3: Wildfire The Arizona nonprofit outfit does not have professional fundraising staff as it relies on volunteers when seeking for funds. It depends on the efforts made by the volunteers in not only promoting its services but also soliciting for funds from the potential donors. The use of special events and mailing are considered some of the effective mechanisms employed by Wildfire to raise funds. The organization also has an online portal where any willing donor can make his contributions more directly. Apart from that, the organization also made use of special events to solicit for more funds from the potential donors.


5.1: Valley of the Sun YMCA In the YMCA, the use of grants and other forms of contributions have imperative roles they play in the improvement of the livelihoods of the most vulnerable in the US. One of the primary focuses is enhancing child care across the US. Children are provided with necessary amenities such as food and clothing so that they can feel equal to those bred in well up families. Therefore, the primary aim is to ensure that their health is maintained and improved while at the same time, ensuring that they have an adequate opportunity to enjoy essential amenities such as playing kits.

The nonprofit organization also takes care of the teens by ensuring that they are provided with the necessary facilities such as playing packages and other recreational amenities. The principal aim is to ensure that their social needs are adequately met. YMCA is also interested in ensuring there is regular maintenance of a healthy living. It targets the most vulnerable in society by ensuring that they are provided with the necessary basic needs such as food and clothing, and shelter. They are equipped with an adequate balanced diet too helps ensure that they have met all their nutritional requirements. The organization mainly targets the elderlies as they do not have someone to look after them.

Therefore, this helps to ensure that they lead a healthy and comfortable life. Some part of the funds also goes towards enhancing its social programs. This entails giving back, as well as providing the necessary support to the neighborhoods. YMCA is also interested in ensuring that the poor neighbors have their needs met to help them lead a more comfortable and healthy living. As an established nonprofit organization, the YMCA has also managed to get sufficient funds to have a pool of employees who are either employed on a permanent or contractual basis. It has managed to create several employment positions such as the camp positions and fund soliciting vacancies. Therefore, a chunk of its funds goes towards meeting the salary requirements as it has to pay its employees. However, the employees are expected to maintain an active fund soliciting program, as well as enhancing the image of the nonprofit organization.

5.2: Tempe Community Action Agency TCAA funds are allocated on poverty elevation programs such as in buying foods for the low-income families and meeting the daily basic needs of the needy in society. The organization also engaged in helping the poor acquire better houses. Thus, a substantial amount of its funds goes towards sustaining the housing program. It also allocates a considerable amount of its funds to health programs to help maintain its housing projects. TCAA is also concerned about the economic empowerment programs meaning that it also allocates a significant percentage of its funds to go towards empowering the poor economically.

5.3: Wildfire Wildfire is an organization interested in elevating poverty in Arizona. Therefore, it allocates sufficient funds to go towards enhancing various community action initiatives and help come up with a long-lasting solution towards poverty elevation. Thus, a massive chunk of the collected funds goes towards promoting advocacy programs. The members are required to raise awareness on the existence of poverty in Arizona, thus, demonstrating the need to end it. Funds are also allocated towards buying basic amenities to help ensure that the deserving members access basic needs just like the other members of the society. Another percentage of the funds go towards maintaining a sustainable structure. Wildfire aims at ensuring that a permanent solution towards the mitigation of poverty is maintained.


6.1: Valley of the Sun YMCA As a well-established nonprofit organization, YMCA has managed to pay its professional solicitors more than 10% of its total funds. The professional solicitors are engaged in activities such as enhancing the fundraising program by ensuring that a proper communication conduit between the organization and the potential donors is maintained. The solicitors also make sure that donors are regularly updated and provided will detailed financial reports on how funds were utilized for accountability purposes. They also present various proposals justifying why the YMCA needs to be allocated more funds based on the achievements it has made. Therefore, the YMCA seems to have come up with an effective and sustainable fundraising program as it does not eat a massive chunk of its funds as required (Global Cloud, 2016). However, it will need to adjust it by making sure it does not exceed the recommended rate (Network for Good and TrueSense Marketing, n.d.). Currently, the fundraising cost is justified as the roles played by the professional solicitors have succeeded considering that YMCA has managed to win the confidence of more potential donors such as NBA meaning that the cost is well covered.

6.2: Tempe Community Action Agency TCAA has not managed to maintain a stable team of professional solicitors as it mainly relies on volunteers to act as the frontline fundraisers. Therefore, it incurs minimal expenses in meeting the financial needs of the volunteers as it only needs to meet the cost of their essential needs when working. This is not justified at all as the team of volunteers are not able to cover some of the critical fundraising procedures, such as demonstrating the need to donate among the potential donors (Fundraising Planning, n.d.). This calls for a proper overhauling of the fundraising programs by ensuring that a minimal amount of the annual budget is allocated to them. It is high time TCAA understands that fundraising is essential as it helps to create awareness among the potential donors, thus, helping to increase funding (Garecht, 2010).

6.3: Wildfire Wildlife, just like TCAA, has failed to allocate sufficient funds to its professional solicitors. It incurs minimal expenses in promoting and raising awareness on its existence when using the team of its volunteers. This can be reflected as a disadvantage considering that the organization’s activities will not be well known by the intended potential donors (Global Cloud, 2016). Therefore, it will be more imperative to allocate some funds to go towards professional fundraising as this would help raise more funds that can improve the service delivery of the nonprofit organization (Fundraising Planning, n.d). Wildfire may be operating at the minimal for not engaging in the professional fundraising program.


7.1: Valley of the Sun YMCA YMCA is an established nonprofit organization meaning that it does not face significant challenges in its fundraising program. Its capability to attract potential donors is enough proof that it faced minimal hurdles when trying to lobby for more funds. However, its professional solicitors may end up demanding more pay as a result of the intensive work they encounter. This is one of the significant challenges in many established organization, and it often eats into the funds meant to strengthen the development projects (Garecht, 2010).

7.2: Tempe Community Action Agency TCAA faces some challenges when trying to fundraise. Its lack of a well-established fundraising structure is its major undoing despite having been operational for over 50 years. Therefore, it is high time the nonprofit organization ponders on employing proper and well-structured fundraising program.

7.3: Wildfire Wildfire has not established a functional fundraising program meaning that it is unable to attract potential donors. Lack of a well-structured fundraising program raises doubts among potential donors as they cannot be able to authenticate the validity of a nonprofit program (Global Cloud, 2016). As such, it is high time Wildfire should seek at establishing a proper fundraising program.


8.1: Valley of the Sun YMCA YMCA is almost perfect in everything program it conducts. However, it will need to structure its employment framework to include a team of volunteers to help create a positive impression that it is not about making a profit. This will have the potential of attracting more funds.

8.2: Tempe Community Action Agency The establishment of a volunteering program is one of the significant strengths of TCAA. Nonetheless, the nonprofit organization will need to high professional fund solicitors to help it meet its financial obligations.

8.3: Wildfire Wildfire has an established team of volunteers in addition to having a well-established website. However, it will also need to hire services of professional fund solicitors to help it raise more funds.


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