Implications of using public health initiatives Academic Essay

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The Question to answer in this paper is:

What are the implications of using public health initiatives to help individuals to change their lifestyle in order to improve their health and well-being?

Word limit 2000 words (excluding reference list)

The essay involves a key concept from Block 2 � that of public health � but you could additionally choose to draw on the concept of identity, as this is often closely linked to an individual�s lifestyle.

Write the question at the start of your essay so that you have it in mind to focus on when writing.

Introduce your essay by briefly outlining what is meant by the key terms, including public health and lifestyle. You should provide an overview of what is meant by �public health� and then present a definition of lifestyle (perhaps linking it to �identity�) that you will use subsequently in your discussion. In the introduction you also need to set out your overall argument, so you will broadly need to address the notion of �implications�. One way of thinking about implications is in terms of possible pros and cons, or opportunities and challenges.

Main body of the essay/Discussion

In the main body of your essay, you need to analyse how public health initiatives might attempt to influence the choices individuals make about their lifestyles, and what the implications of this may be. The bulk of your essay will comprise an analysis of the pros and cons of trying to bring about changes in people�s lives in order to improve their health. You need to focus on how public health initiatives might either enhance or conflict with the ability to choose one�s own lifestyle. Reflect on both the ideas and the principles relating to public health. This will involve breaking down the associated concepts and practice into their various parts.

Book 2 Chapter 8 specifically deal with public health. Activity 8.3 helps you to define public health and Activity 8.4 helps you to think about the relative responsibilities of the individual and society. Activity 8.7 could be useful in providing an overview of the relationship between wellbeing and society. You could also look at examples of initiatives in practice such as the Be Active Stay Active project covered in Activity 8.6 and you could link this to the discussion of �charismatic leadership� in Section 2 of the Leadership book.

The question invites you to consider both the potential benefits and tensions involved when society attempts to bring about a change in individual people�s lifestyles in order to promote healthy living more generally. Book 2 Chapter 5 look at issues of identity, and this may help you to consider why lifestyles are tied up with people�s identities. Try to engage with different viewpoints on the value of public health initiatives and issues of personal choice in order to present a balanced argument. Through this analysis you should come to a conclusion based on a careful review of the information and ideas that you have encountered.


In your conclusion, briefly revisit the main points and summarise your argument.

See attached word doc – Book2 for relevant information for this paper

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