Implications for the environment (remote and robotic surgery) custom essay.

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Implications for the environment (Remote and Robotic Surgery)
Remote and Robotic Surgery is a somewhat new option for surgeons in the operating room, since 1987 there have had an
extreme amount of advances in the field of Remote and Robotic Surgery. In today’s environment there are both pros and cons to
using the vast number of applications for robots in the medical field as well as in the operating room. Implications for our
environment can range from noise levels, to actual training on these complex machines. During the context of this paper we will
be discussing the all of those implications and the benefits and downfalls to using Remote and Robotic Surgery.
• Operating Room Environment
o Changes in Personnel
o Patient care
o Noise
o Patient and Robot interaction
• Recycling of Materials
• Cleaning a Robotic machine
o Dry Ice cleaning
• Da Vinci
o Size and requirements for installation
o Cost of Operation
• Paula Francis; Howard N. Winfield. (2006). Medical Robotics: The Impact on Perioperative Nursing Practice 2006;26(2):99108
. Retrieved from:
• This article will provide an abundant amount of information towards the difference in nursing care for patients after a robotic
surgery, the changes in operating room personnel, and any other changes that will take place inside and outside the operating
room during and after a robotic surgery. These are all tied to the changes in an operating room environment.

• da Vinci® Surgical System . Retrieved from:
• This website is packed full of information about the daVinci robotic surgery machine. This website will provide information on all
aspects of the cost of a machine to the cost savings of using he machine both for the patient and the hospital. This article also
tells us about the benefits to the patient of having a robotic surgery when comparing cost and length of stay after surgery.

• Siu, KaChun;
Suh, I. H.; Mukherjee, Mukul; Oleynikov, D.; and Stergiou, Nicholas, “The impact of environmental noise on

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