Immigration law custom essay.

You work as a Paralegal at Immigration Advocates, LLP located at 745 Freedom Parkway in the hypothetical state of Freedonia in the hypothetical city of Liberty, with a zip code of 90078. The office email address is [email protected] and the telephone number is (555) 2752897.
The senior partner, Evelyn Merriweather, asks you to draft a letter, for her signature, to Mr. Juan Rameriz who lives at 3764 American Trail in Liberty, Freedonia 90078.
Ms. Merriweather informs you that she needs to meet with Mr. Rameriz on July 21, 2008 at 10:00a.m. at Immigration Advocates. She advises you that although his appointment is on July 21, 2008, she would like for him to mail all necessary
documents to the office two weeks prior to his appointment so that she can review all of his materials. She further tells you that Mr. Rameriz is not a U.S. citizen. However, his wife is a permanent resident. His wife would like to file a relative petition on his behalf. She also tells you that Mr. Rameriz and his wife do not speak English very well.
Ms. Merriweather reminds you that her initial consultation fee is a flat rate of $1,000 and that she only accepts cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders. Ms. Merriweather also instructs you to make sure that Mr. Rameriz brings all necessary parties with him to his interview, and mails all necessary documents prior to his interview. She states that you need to specifically state who he needs to bring with him to his interview, and what he needs to mail prior to his interview in the letter.
She also wants to make sure that Mr. Rameriz knows how to contact her. Ms. Merriweather is rushing off to court and does not have time to tell you everything that Mr. Rameriz needs to bring.
Based on the facts above, and what you have learned in class, draft a letter (in standard letter format) to Mr. Rameriz regarding his interview with Ms. Merriweather.

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