How immigration became illegal custom essay.

1. Book by Aviva Chomsky’s Undocumented (only Chapter 1 to Chapter 4)

2. Video : Train of death’ drives migrant American dreamers
3. Need to answer these two question then compare to the book I have provide in Undocumented.
So what would enable the sel-fperception
of such blithe innocence in the American public? Chapter 2 of the assigned text is titled,
“Choosing To Be Undocumented” (Chomsky 40) and this could be precisely be the key: to what extent is the desire to maintain the
illegality of immigrants influenced by the perception that immigrants ‘choose’ to be undocumented?
Chomsky observes that “Racially based ideas held considerable sway well into the twentieth century, even as policies and
ideologies came to replace race with nation as the prime rationale for legal domination, discrimination, and restrictions on mobility”
(Chomsky 32).
In what ways, if any, is discrimination against certain nationalities different from discrimination against certain races?
4. One of the Quotation: According to Chomsky “The Bracero program was also accompanied by a massive bilateral deportation
policy that increased deportations to some seven hundred thousand by the early 1950s. The wetback is a person of legal disability
who is under jeopardy of immediate deportation if caught.” (Chomsky 57)

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