IELTS General Task 1, April 2018: Building Work in Your Home.

You had some building work done in your home, but you are unhappy with the outcome. Write a letter to the builder and say

– Describe the work done.
– Why are you not happy?
– What do you want the builder to do about it?

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Before writing any task 1 or task 2, I strongly recommend brainstorming the topic and then strictly follow the ideas you’ve brainstormed. It is important to set the right tone.

Dear Builder,

I am writing this letter to complain about the poor building work at my home (the opening sentence). Last month, your team executed the construction of an additional room at the back of my house. They just had to erect the walls and lay a simple concrete floor (Describe the work done). However, the work was not well done and I am facing numerous construction related issues (Connect with the next body paragraph).

(Organisation of content: Raise two issues – firstly, secondly. Promotes cohesion) Firstly, in less than a month, the roof has developed wide cracks (collocation) as one of the walls has settled down significantly (collocation). It seems as if it can collapse any moment. Secondly, the flooring is not in an appropriate slope (collocation) and is not evenly constructed (collocation). The surface has many undulations (collocation) and it is impossible to place any piece of furniture properly (collocation). This (cohesion) has rendered the room useless for me since (cohesion) I intended the guests to stay in it. (Why you’re not happy)

I want you to demolish the room and construct it again as per the norms laid down in the contract document. If you fail to do so, I will have no choice other than resorting to a lawful action (collocation) against your company. (cohesion using IF, THEN construction)

I look forward to your prompt response.


Total Words = 184.

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