IELTS Essay Correction: The Best Way to Reduce Traffic Congestion is to Provide Free Public Transport.

The best way to reduce traffic congestion in cities is to provide a free public transport service. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


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It is true that the rising number of automobiles on road is the main cause of traffic jams. Providing free transport services can be a potential solution of to this problem but I don’t do not (Please do not use contractions in the writing exam.) agree that this is the most effective way to reduce traffic congestion on roads since private vehicles are more comfortable and safe, and they provide end-to-end connectivity. There are some reasons of my opinion.

Presently, the purchasing power of people has increased and they give more preference to their comfort over money. Now, people can easily buy luxurious cars and they won’t do not get attracted by the free transport facilities. For instance, in Delhi, there is a facility of economically cheap (better to mention the nature of cheap) bus services, but affordable citizens (citizens are not affordable. They can afford something. Moreover, the word affordable does not make much sense here.) still like to commute by their private vehicles.

The another (The other) reason is that the restricted availability of public transport and . Private vehicles, on the other hand, give a sense of freedom (Two opposite ideas should never be connected using “AND”. You can use whereas, while or start a new sentence.). One has to wait for the public transport to commute but personal vehicle can be used any time and to travel anywhere. For example, Delhi has a world class metro rail facility but it does not provide service in a late night service while cars can be used through out the day. (Idea clearly mentioned and explained. Good job in developing an argument.)

Finally, safety is a major concern in buses or other public vehicles as the incidence of thefts and pickpocketing are common in a crowd while in cars one can keep his (no noun to refer back to) valuables safely. Free public transport cannot replace cars as a preferred and a safe mode of transport, and, hence cannot address the traffic problem.   Moreover, there is no need to carry luggage every time during driving cars. (There can’t be a moreover after finally. Please write only those ideas that you can explain adequately.)

At last (In conclusion), I opine that by merely providing the free services wouldn’t change the driving habits of people and this will not encourage public to use public transport services. Hence, government should find other means to reduce traffic congestion in cities.

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