IELTS Essay Correction: Environment Protection of Our Planet for Future Generations.

Nowadays the most important task is the environmental protection of our planet for future generations. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


With the advent of industrialization and urbanization and the resultant increase in pollution, (logical flow) to save our nature has become extremely important. I firmly agree with this notion, as depleting fresh air and natural resources is unhealthy for us and also for our future generations. (It’s better if you specifically mention the reasons.)

These days, unprecedented growth of industries and vehicles have poisoned the air and portable potable (portable vs potable) water. Moreover, (This is not a new idea. You’re explaining the previous idea – poisoned the air) the toxic gases like carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide etc and particulates found in them are lethal and causing cause serious health hazards to the present generation. These diseases will be transmitted to the future generations as well. For instance, a recent survey conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), has revealed that toxicity of air has reached to an alarmingly high level in some of the rapidly developing cities like New Delhi in the last few decades. This has resulted into in high prevalence of restipiratory problems like asthma, COPD etc to young children. Therefore, the government of this city has implemented the rule of not running any private vehicle every weekend. (Maintain context – future generations.)

Furthermore, unmeasured exploitation of natural resources such as underground groundwater, riverside sands, uninterrupted cutting of trees (uninterrupted cutting is not a natural resource) etc. has raised a grave concern of their depletion and, consequently, our future generations might end up with the scarcity of them. To exemplify, the a research done by Indian scientists shows the water table in India is falling at an extremely high rate than as compared to in the that in past (falling MORE rapidly THAN in the past), and if it continues at same rate, there will be a high shortage of water in next 50 years. Consequently, the government of India has made it mandatory to install rainwater harvesting systems in all houses in urban areas of the country.

Therefore, its soul the sole responsibility of human beings to preserve our the Earth and governments should employ different schemes to conserve the nature. For example, rainwater harvesting system in India has helped to meet up the growing demands during summers and in drought prone areas. Similarily, ban on polythene bags in Andaman and Nicobar islands is an important step to promote biodegradable materials and thus to protect ecology. (The question does not ask for solutions. The best you can do to increase the number of words by writing solutions is to make them a part of body paragraph 1 and 2.)

To recapitulate, the preservation and conservation of our environment is extremely important for our existence and human beings should not disturb the delicate balance of our ecosystem. If we succed in this endeavour, our future generations will thank and will certainly enjoy a healthy life.

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