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In an essay of 1500-2000 words analyze the following passages in light of your understanding of the texts from which they come and of issues raised in tutorial and in colloquia:
{we} must have a pattern established within us by which to test our actions, and, according to this pattern, now pat ourselves on the back, now punish ourselves. I have my own court and laws to judge me, and I address myself to them more than anywhere else… But the saying that repentance follows close upon sin does not seem to consider the sin that is in robes of state, that dwells in us as in its own home. We can disown and retract the vices that take us by surprise, and toward which we are swept by passion; but those which by long habit are rooted and anchored in a strong and vigorous will cannot be denied. (Montaigne,”Of Repentance,p.79)
[A]s to reason or good sense…I prefer to believe that it exists whole and entire in each of us…Following this, reflecting upon the fact that I doubted and that, as a consequence, my being was not utterly perfect (for I saw clearly that it is a greater perfection to know than doubt), I decided to search for the source from which I had learned to think of something more perfect than I was, and I plainly knew that this had to be from some nature that was in fact more perfect…It thus remained that this idea had been placed in me by a mature truly more perfect than I was and that it even had within itself all the perfections of which I could have any idea, that is to say, to explain myself in a single word, that it was God. (Descartes, Discourse on Method,pp.2,19)
In a word, the ego has two qualities. It is unjust in itself in that it makes itself the center of everything. It is offensive to others, in that it seeks to enslave them; for each ego is the enemy of, and would like to be the tyrant over, all others…All our dignity consists then in thought. It is upon thought that we must raise ourselves up, and not on space and time which we cannot fill. Let us strive then to think well; that is the foundation of all morality. (Pascal, selections from the Thoughts,pp.17,30,#36,#65)
In your essay you are expected to analyze the language, assumptions, perspectives, and arguments of the assigned passages, as well as texts from which they are taken. Neither merely general statements about the assigned passages and texts (i.e. statements that are not supported by a close reading of the assigned passages and texts) nor mere paraphrases (i.e. mere rewordings) of the assigned passages and texts are acceptable. To analyze passages and texts means to present a critical commentary on them such that you demonstrate your understanding of their basic principles, ideas, and implications.
Essays must be formatted in 12 point New Times Roman font. Please use double-spacing and leave one inch margins on all four sides of each page for your instructor’s comments. All citations from the works under consideration must be identified by page number (in brackets or in more formal notes). You are urged not to make use of additional books in your essay.
Academic Integrity Checklist
In order to assist you in ensuring that you have adhered to the University’s policies regarding academic integrity we provide the following checklist for you to consider prior to submitting your essay. The list is meant to serve as a supplement to the Academic Integrity tutorial and need not be handled in to your instructor.
All ideas taken from sources other than the assigned texts-other sources might include library books, lecture notes from other classes, or the internet (Wikipedia, spark notes, cliff notes…)-have been identified and the sources cited.
The references entries in my bibliography account for every idea and/or quote that I have taken from, including any paraphrases of, secondary materials
I have checked my work against my notes to be sure that I have correctly referenced all direct quotes and/or borrowed ideas.
Direct quotations from all sources have both opening and closing quotation marks and are fully referenced

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