Humanities ( Achilles) Academic Essay

Essay for Test 1: An out-of-class, computer-written, double-spaced paper. Your best formal writing is expected. This is not a formal research paper; however, you might need to refer to outside sources to write a strong, detailed paper. If so, you much include documentation. Please follow MLA format.
Option 1: A Noble Death
“To the Greeks, moral value lay in proper action, even if the consequence of that action meant death.”
Choose the following character, from literature or history, and reveal the ways in which this above quotation is exemplified:

As you write, follow the outline below:
I. A strong introduction. Remember to entice your reader with a story, interesting quotation, etc. Present your thesis.
II. In three body paragraphs, discuss your character, his situation, his status, the events of his life, and his death. How were his decision affected by the idea in Greece of a “good” death?
III. Is the ethic expressed in the quotation above still a valid view? Explain your answer with at least one example.
IV. Write a strong conclusion. You may offer your personal views at this point.

The professor asked that we talk in third person in the essay, if that’s possible.

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