Human trafficking custom essay.


Human trafficking is a multi-million dollar business and is known as modern day slavery. It is the second largest organized crime and the fast growing worldwide. The victims come from various ethnic groups, ages, gender, and social-economic
status. It is a global issue that needs global attention.
Imagine being illegally smuggled into a foreign country and forced to sell your body… this is the experience of millions of women and children who endure unimaginable brutality every day. The statistics of modern slavery are staggering and the stories of its victims are shocking. And yet, many people don’t know that human trafficking exists.
Please research what your country and state are doing in terms of prevention and reintegration. Write an essay that addresses the questions below (at least two pages APA style).
1. What is the definition of human trafficking?
2. What are the national and state government’s stances on human trafficking? What kinds of services are being provided to the
3. Provide the most recent national and state data.
4. What kinds of people are being trafficked (gender, age, ethnic group)?
5. Is the country an exporter or importer of victims? What countries do they come from? What countries do they go to?
6. What industries are they being trafficked into (domestic labor, manual labor, and prostitution)?
7. Describe a method that you think would be effective in raising awareness about human trafficking in order to prevent and
eradicate it.

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