Helen Hunt Jackson’s portrayal of a tribe Academic Essay

You need at least five sources in this essay. The novel Ramona counts as one, but you will need at least four additional sources, one of which must be a real book, not just a magazine, newspaper, or something that you found on Wikipedia.

*Your paper needs to be written in MLA format, with MLA style documentation of sources.

*A couple points about the Indian tribes in Ramona: The two which we see most often are the Luiseno Indians (the Pechanga Band of the Luisenos was in Temecula Valley) and the Kumeyaay or Diegueno Indians (the San Pascual Band of the Kumeyaay/Diegueno tribe was the one in the San Pasqual Valley). Alessandro (being from the Temecula area) was APPARENTLY a Luiseno. At the end of the book, Jackson is writing about the Cahuilla Indians; they are the ones who nursed Ramona back to health.
Ramona book link; https://www.readcentral.com/book/Helen-Hunt-Jackson/Read-Ramona-Online
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