Health plan report cards custom essay.

 Report cards are one means by which MCOs are measured against the other. The links for report cards listed below are but a few examples of what is reported to the public by accreditation agencies, by employer groups, by regulators and more. In examining the report cards, note that there are structure, process and outcome measures. Consider the report cards listed below and the value of measuring outcomes and processes. Given the different rates of achievement for the MCOs, consider how the results influence you as a consumer. As an educated consumer it’s also important to understand what might be driving the rates.

These online resource provide sample report cards and other information that should help you understand the report cards:
After reviewing the websites please address the following questions.
•In what ways does public health and providers influence the outcomes and processes? What else might influence outcomes?
•How does public reporting as noted by the report cards, impact consumer decisions in receiving and satisfaction with care, and influence the future of managed care?
•How does the affordable care act impact reporting and rates?
•Research and share a link where you found another report card with measures that interested you. State why that report card and the measures was of particular interest to you. There is no need to share personal information

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